My name is Erin and  I am a graduate student working towards a MS in Strategic Communication through the Hall School of Journalism and Communication at Troy University.  I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Music and a Master of Library and Information Science both from the University of Southern Mississippi.  I work as a librarian, but have always had a keen interest in the field of communication and media.  I am interested in learning more about how these two fields intersect.  Both fields are currently analyzing where the future is headed in relation to offerings: Should everything be solely online or is there still a major need to provide a wide amount of print resources?  How should we advertise these resources?  What impact is social media having on these fields?  These are just a few questions I hope to answer.

I have created this site to chronicle my thoughts on readings and other assigned lessons for my class, COMM 6630, Strategic Communication and Emerging Media.  Each week I will post a new discussion related to communication and media.  I hope that you enjoy reading my weekly entries and I look forward to reading your feedback.

My professional profile can be accessed here.